Letters to the Editor

SPE SJV Section will post your thoughts (and photos) along with a response as appropriate from either SPE SJV Newsletter editor or from one of the SJV Section board members or from any SJV Section member. This is a way that SJV Section members can be heard. Board and section members want to hear what you have to say.

For example we would like to hear your opinions about:

- How are we doing as your SJV SPE Board? 
- Are you happy with what is being offered through Continuing Education courses?
- How do you feel about the choice of speakers for the general section and study group meetings?
- What new member activities should the board consider?
- Do you like what’s in the Newsletter, or not? What should be added/removed?
- What more should your SJV Section be doing for members, for the community?

Please forward your material to be featured in "Letters to the Editor" to Neil Malpiede, Editor SJV SPE Newsletter, neilm@cannoncorp.us . Deadline for submissions will be the 5th of every month for the month the Newsletter will be published.