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Continuum Multiscale Modeling of Unconventional Reservoirs – Improving Frac Design and Reservoir Simulation Using a Field Validated 3G Workflow

Ahmed Ouenes


Thursday, March 16th 2017 @ 11:30 AM

San Joaquin Valley Section

Petroleum Club 12th Floor - 5060 California Avenue, Bakersfield


Speaker: Ahmed Ouenes, CEO and Founder of FracGeo

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The proper modeling of unconventional reservoirs requires multiple tools to represent the physics    that occurs at three different scales. The Far-scale requires the use of reservoir geomechanics to capture the interaction between the regional stress and the three key sources of stress gradients:   natural fractures, heterogeneous distribution of geomechanical properties and pore pressure. Geophysics provides great input for the reservoir geomechanics of the Far-scale. The Mid-scale  require the use of interface geomechanics that takes into account the complex vertical propagation      of a hydraulic fracture in the presence of a vertically varying stress crossing multiple heterogeneous layers of naturally fractured rocks. Interface geomechanics must also incorporate the constraints imposed by the Far-scale and its resulting horizontal stress gradients. With all the complexity of the Mid-scale physics, the proppant flow must accommodate both the vertical and lateral stress complexity and find a way to enter and travel through the various hydraulic and natural fractures. The Near-scale is where wellbore geomechanics combined with wireline and/or drilling data provides an estimation of the key geomechanical properties, stresses, pore pressure and natural fractures that will have a major impact on the performance of the near wellbore physics. In this presentation, focus will be given to the value of surface drilling data to provide at each well the critical information needed to better understand the Near-scale physics so it could be used to improve the Mid-scale frac design and Far-scale reservoir geomechanics. Multiple case studies from major domestic and international shale plays will be used to illustrate the importance of recognizing the different scales and developing the proper tools that address their corresponding physics.


Ahmed is the founder and CEO of FracGeo, a technology company that specializes in improving the development of unconventional reservoirs. Ahmed has 28 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry where he occupied different positions in consulting, software development, operating oil and gas fields, and academia. Ahmed’s main interest is the development of new reservoir characterization technologies that improve the bottom line of E&P companies. He has been focusing lately on developing 3G concepts and new ways to integrate Geomechanics with Geology and Geophysics (3G) to improve frac design and reservoir simulation of unconventional reservoirs. Previously, Ahmed was the founder and president of Prism Seismic, a software and consulting company sold in 2011 to the Symphony Technology Group. Ahmed was Chief Reservoir Engineer at RC Squared where he developed the first commercial software for the Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) technology. He was also Executive Vice President of an independent oil and gas producer that focused on developing fractured reservoirs. Ahmed graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Tech. He is the author of more than 80 papers on various complex reservoir studies and new reservoir modeling techniques that cover a wide range of multidisciplinary topics including unconventional reservoirs, geomechanics, fracture modeling, reservoir geophysics, artificial intelligence, reservoir simulation and proxy models, automatic history matching, stochastic optimization for inverse problems, upscaling, geostatistics, and wettability. He teaches fracture modeling courses for AAPG, CSEG and other professional organizations.

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