Minimizing Environmental and Safety Risks to Sustain

Resource Recovery – A Case Study

Marina Voskanian, P.E.
California State Lands Commission

 Thursday, March 15th 2018 @ 11:30 AM

Petroleum Club 12th Floor - 5060 California Avenue, Bakersfield

: Marina Voskanian, P.E., Division Chief, California State Lands Commission

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Management of environmental and personnel hazard risks is one of the most critical components of a corporate business plan worldwide, and can significantly impact the ability to achieve the maximum potential from a resource. These risks can be effectively managed only through tested, proven, and state-of-the-art prevention methods. This principle is central to a resource development strategy. Well planned risk mitigation practices described in this presentation can help assure uninterrupted resource development and recovery, and avoid premature termination of production, loss of revenue and significant human and environmental cost. In California, risk mitigation efforts on state offshore oil fields have been practiced for decades. Its oil spill and safety hazard prevention programs have played a significant role in sustaining the States resource development and production. This lecture will highlight the elements of California’s effective risk mitigation practices and its benefits. State-of-the-art pipeline and facility inspection and testing procedures, blowout preventer inspection and certification, utilization of advanced well drilling technologies, and structural assessment of offshore platforms, are significant components of this program. The success which these risk prevention programs have had can be a template which domestic and international developers and regulators can follow. By way of contrast, this lecture also presents a case study highlighting the consequences of a poorly planned and executed risk mitigation plan involving an oil spill into the ocean from an onshore pipeline by a major pipeline company. The environmental impact from this event has had widespread financial consequences, but the lessons learned from it can be universally beneficial if applied correctly.



Ms. Voskanian is the Division Chief of the California State Lands Commission and directs the leasing and management of State lands for the efficient extraction of oil, gas, geothermal, and other minerals. Marina has been employed with the State since 1987, and prior to that, worked 11 years for Exxon, Southern California Gas, and Phillips Petroleum. Marina received several Certificate of Excellence Awards from the State. An active SPE member, she served as the SPE Western Regional Director from 1992-96. She received several other SPE awards: 1991 Regional Service Award, 2000 Distinguished Member and Distinguished Service Award, 2013 Western North American Region HSE Award. She is a three time SPE Distinguished Lecturer, and selected again as Distinguished Lecturer for 2017. She was honored at SPE’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Dubai, where she was awarded SPE’s Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Award.  In 2013, she was nominated by the US Secretary of Interior to the US EITI Advisory Board for six years and also serves as the 2016 Chairperson of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy Board. Marina is a Registered Petroleum Engineer and received her graduate degrees in petroleum engineering from USC where later she served as a part-time lecturer for 15 years.

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