San Joaquin Valley SPE Section Subsurface Study Group Meeting

 Algorithmic Fracture and Breccia Identification in Antelope Shale Formation - Elk Hills Filed, Ca

Thursday, September 19th @ 11:30 AM         

Petroleum Club, 12th Floor
5060 California Ave, Bakersfield 

Speaker:  Robert Gales, Petrophysics Manager, CRC

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A Practical Approach to Quickly Integrate Image Analysis into Completion Decisions using Image Analytics The Elk Hills Monterey is complex in structure, lithology and reservoir characteristics. A complex fracture system that is dependent on lithology, bed thickness and structural placement impacts pro- duction. It is no surprise reservoir quality and fracture intensity drive production. 

California Resources had an extensive image data base for structure and fractures, however a de- tailed analysis was completed on a fraction of the wells due to time constraints. An image analytics approach was created to allow for quick analysis of image logs to provide a fracture intensity indicator incorporated into the original completion design and added information for workover review.

Robert Gales industry working on projects in several countries with emphasis on reservoir oriented production challenges and subsurface data integration of logs, core, mudlogs and production data to reduce reservoir uncertainty. Robert has worked on conventional and unconventional reservoirs including tight gas sands, coalbed methane, heavy oil and shale plays.

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