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Chemical EOR in Heavy Oil: An Underexplored Potential

Thursday, January 17, 2019 @ 11:30 AM

Petroleum Club 12th Floor – 5060 California Avenue, Bakersfield

Speaker:  Eric Delamaide, Reservoir Engineer, The EOR Alliance

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Steam injection (including cyclic steam and SAGD) has long been recognized as the favored recovery method for heavy oil, with applications in many fields around the world, particularly California and Canada. More recently, polymer flooding has also become a relatively well accepted method to increase production and recovery in heavy oil fields. Numerous successful pilots have been reported these last few years and field expansions are currently ongoing in Canada, Oman, China and Albania for instance but surprisingly enough, there has been to the best of the author’s knowledge no such application in the US. Surfactant injection has also been studied in the lab and several pilots are in the works.

Why should polymer and/or surfactant be selected over steam injection as a recovery process? What are their limits and advantages? This presentation will begin by describing the two chemical processes and their limits and will outline some of the criteria for their selection over steam injection. Some field cases will be presented to illustrate the potential of polymer injection in heavy oil reservoirs. The technology is robust and fairly simple to implement and can provide an opportunity to develop heavy oil reservoirs using polymer where steam injection is not possible.



Eric Delamaide is currently General Manager of IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc. in Calgary as well as the Manager EOR, Americas for the EOR Alliance. Delamaide is a reservoir engineer with over 25 years of experience who specializes in Enhanced Oil Recovery and heavy oil. He has worked in over 25 countries and been involved in various capacities in over 30 EOR projects including 17 polymer floods. He has published over 50 papers on various aspects of reservoir engineering and EOR. Delamaide has a BSc. degree in chemical engineering from the School of Mines in Saint Etienne, and an MSc. in Petroleum Engineering from the IFP School, both in France. He is a member of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee, an Associate Editor for the SPE Reservoir Engineering Journal and a Technical Editor for various journals including the SPE Journal and SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering. He has received awards for outstanding services as Technical Editor for SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well as one for SPE Journal in 2016. He also received a Canadian Regional Service Award from SPE in 2018. Delamaide has been a member of numerous conference technical committees, including ATCE, SPE Calgary Heavy oil, SPE Tulsa IOR, SPE EOR at Oil & Gas Western Asia, LACPEC, SPE Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil, IPTC, ADIPEC and MEOS, as well as a member of the technical committees for the World Heavy Oil Congress and the Global Petroleum Show.

E-mail: eric.delamaide@ifp-canada.com



An Introduction to California Oil Industry Legislation and Regulations

 By Dr. John P. Yu

Where: Room 355, Science Building II, CSUB, Bakersfield 93311.

Dear SJV SPE Members,

The SPE is pleased to announce an Introduction to California Oil Industry Legislation and Regulations course in Bakersfield on the 3rd-4th June 2019 at California State University Bakersfield.

This two-day course is an introduction to California oil & gas legislation and regulations, which will cover: general statutes and regulations associated with new drills, injection wells, abandoned wells, idle wells; well stimulation applications (SB4) and inspection requirements; and the underground injection control (UIC) and aquifer exemption application processes.   The course also describes relationship between the EPA, Water Board, Kern County and DOGGR during the permitting and project review processes.  

The cost of the course will be $990 for SPE members and $1,200 for non SPE members. (SPE annual membership is $110).  Registration is required by 30th April, but registration is encouraged sooner as this is expected to be a popular course.

Class time will be 8 am to 5pm. Lunch will be provided. Registration starts at 7:45 am

For additional information, please contact Gwyn Mali (gwynmali@yahoo.co.uk).


SJV SPE Continuing Education



Dr. John Yu is a part-time lecturer at CSUB. He has previously worked for DOGGR and the California State Lands Commission for 20 years.  During his time at DOGGR, he was an Associate Oil & Gas engineer for permit approval, UIC and aquifer exemption review, and served as a trainer in several technical applications. Prior to working with regulators, he worked with as a petroleum engineer for 15 years and taught at West Virginia University for an additional 6 years.


The course will be held in Room 355 of Science Building II at CSUB.  For access, please use the Camino Media entrance behind Edwards Cinema and park at car parks H or I (fee required).  The class is on the third floor of the Science II building which is about 300-400 yards into the campus. 

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